Digital Printing

Album | Desk Calendar | Postcard | Card


Afraid that all memories will be lost once your hard drive is damaged?

uPrint provides service to compile your photographs into albums, preserving your memories. Currently, digital printing can produce prints of digital pictures taken with a digital camera with similar quality of photographs, and the prints can be compiled into albums for unique styles and accessibility. Digital printing can be customized to easily produce unique and personalized albums.

Desk Calendar

A desk calendar can be easily made by selecting 13 of your precious photographs or creative works that you want to showcase on your desk, which will constantly bring you good mood. No minimum quantity required as clients can just print one calendar for own use or gifting to others.


Memorable moments, captivating sceneries, moods at the moment, and unique creative works, can all be conveyed through postcards to the important people in your life…Turn photographs or creative designs into postcards and share with your beloved family and friends.


How long haven’t you written a card by hand, to show your concerns and gratitude? You can add on your own images to express that you care or you are thankful. Cards can be printed in small quantities.